St Francis Xavier launches Online Ordering

On Monday 20 June, St Francis Xavier launched online ordering for school lunches in partnership with Rory’s School Lunches and Qkr! (pronounced ‘quicker’).

Why Online Ordering?

St Francis Xavier’s Business Manager, Charmaine Aistrope, said the school recognised many families are seeking ways to streamline their school administration.

“So many families are busy with two working parents.  We wanted to provide an easy one-stop-shop for families to do all their transactions with the school,” said Charmaine.

Selecting an online ordering applicationonline ordering

After much research and consultation with their diocese, St Francis Xavier chose to partner with Qkr!, which is an application parents can access via desktop, tablet or mobile phone.  The software allows parents to pay for any item the school makes available on the app. including school fees, uniforms and school lunches.

St Francis Xavier were pleased with how easy it was to launch the application at their school.

“We saw the app being used at another school and thought it was fantastic.  It has been designed specifically for schools. Parents can make transactions any time of the day or night and they don’t have to worry about having cash to pay for school lunches,” said Charmaine.

How to Engage Parents

St Francis Xavier sent an email to parents to let them know the Qkr! facility would be available.  Information about online ordering and other benefits of Qkr! was also on the St Francis Xavier school website.  Ongoing promotion for the service will be via the school newsletter.

“We are really pleased with the response; 40 families signed up the day we launched the application and every day more families are joining.  The feedback has been fantastic,” said Charmaine.

How To Set Up Online Ordering At Your School

Our recent Rory’s School Lunches survey indicated 80 percent of respondents (majority parents) would like online ordering for school lunches.

Online Ordering


Following the successful launch at St Francis Xavier, we have entered into a partnership with Qkr!  We will be working with primary schools and R-12 schools in Terms 3 & 4 to roll out online ordering.

Rory’s School Lunches will provide schools with information about the administration of Qkr! and also information for parents. This facility will be a great way for schools to ease the administration burden on both the school and parents.

Contact us today to discuss online ordering or register your interest.



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