5 Foods Superheroes Eat For KA-POWER!

National Superhero Week runs from Monday 29 August to Sunday 4 September.  To celebrate, we’re looking at what foods superheroes eat to get their KA-POWER!



5 Foods Superheroes Eat1. Superman Loves Carrots carrot-575529_640

Carrots give Superman his POW! because they are a great source of Vitamin A, an important vitamin that helps you to grow and see at night.  Superman eats carrots to maintain is x-ray vision so he can easily find the bad guys with his laser-sharp eyes.

2. Wonder Woman Munches on Mushrooms5 Foods Superheroes Eat

Mushrooms are super because they are full of B vitamins that give you loads of energy. ZAP!  Not only that, mushrooms store Vitamin D to give your immune system the KAPOW! it needs to fight the bad guys. Wonder Woman leaves her mushrooms in the sun for half an hour before she eats them to maximise their Vitamin D.  She then slices them up and fries them lightly in butter then adds a sprinkle of parsley.  Yummy!



3. Batman Bites Broccoli5 Foods Superheroes Eat

Broccoli is packed full of Vitamin C & K, two essential nutrients to build superhero strong bones. After a tough day fighting crime in Gotham City, there’s nothing Batman loves more than biting into a bowl of broccoli to bring back his KA-BOOM!

cat woman



4. Fish is Purrrrfect for Cat Woman

Fish, particularly oily fish like salmon, is full of Omega-3 fatty acids, essential for building superhero brains.   Cat Woman eats fish three times a week for dinner. No wonder she is super smart!

5 Foods Superheroes Eat

5. Porridge Power for Spiderman spiderman-152147_640

Porridge is packed with vitamins and protein.  A delicious bowl of porridge for breakfast fills up your tummy to give you lots of ZAP! POW! throughout the day.  It also boosts your immune system so you can fight off the baddies. Spiderman eats his porridge every day with milk, sliced banana and a squeeze of honey.



Help kids learn what foods give them KA-POWER! by downloading our 5 Foods Superheroes Eat Infographic.  To save the image, right click and ‘Save As’.5 Foods Superheroes Eat







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