Rory’s Launches at Thebarton Senior College Canteen

Rory’s School Lunches is delighted to be appointed as the new canteen manager for Thebarton Senior College.

Collaboration Feeds Success

The first step Rory’s took to create a revitalised canteen service was to meet with Principal, Eva Kannis-Torry, and Business Thebarton Student enjoys Rorys foodManager, Desi Kapnistis, to understand the school’s requirements.  The school has a different student population than a traditional high school because students are aged 16 years and over and come from diverse cultural backgrounds.

“The main problem was that our students and staff were unhappy with the quality and range of the food and service they were receiving,” said Eva.

Rory’s School Lunches worked hard with the College’s senior leadership team over the mid-year break to have a new look menu ready for students and staff starting Term 3.

“We appreciate that Rory and his team have been very easy to work with. They respond well to suggestions and have been extremely flexible. The menu has had to be tailored to suit the 75 different cultures represented at the college as well as the many dietary requirements and extended opening hours. While we have tried to be as collaborative as possible, Rory and his team have done all of the hard work!,” said Eva.

A Unique School

Thebarton Secondary College supports approximately 1000 full-time equivalent senior students to complete their South Australian Certificate of Education (S.A.C.E) and vocational training.   The College is the only provider of the adult New Arrivals Program in South Australia. The New Arrivals Program is an intensive English language course for adult migrant and refugee students.  The focus of the program is to provide non-English-speaking students with proficient English language skills so they can complete their SACE.

Catering For Diverse Tastes

The diverse adult student population means Rory’s School Lunches must cater for a range of special dietary requirements.   Rory’s has introduced a range of hot and cold menu options, including spicy food which the students enjoy.Rory's new menu

The food under the new canteen manager [Rory’s School Lunches] is better.  I eat here every day and there is always something different.  I like that,” said a student.

The food is delicious, the people are lovely and I have had at least a dozen students comment positively about them,” said a teacher.

Canteen Manager, Vicki Shriver, said there has been positive feedback from students and staff.  The lack of fresh food available for students has been addressed by Rory’s.

There has been great feedback. There wasn’t much home-made food previously. The students are enjoying the smell of food freshly cooked on campus and the home-made soup has been especially popular,” said Vicki.


Looking to revamp your school canteen?  Contact Rory today to arrange a meeting.

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