Special Menus for Schools

Rory’s School Lunches offers special menus to cater for cultural diversity and school events.

Customised catering is part of our standard canteen management service and can be used for:

  • religious and cultural celebrations
  • sports days and swimming carnivals
  • schools with students from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • senior colleges and adult education facilities

The following three examples illustrate how Rory’s School Lunches caters for diverse dietary requirements.

1. St George College Nativity Fast

Orthodox schools like St George College celebrate the Nativity Fast from 15 November until Christmas Day.  It is one of four Canonical Fasting Seasons in the Orthodox Church year. The purpose of the fast is to prepare Orthodox Christians to celebrate the birth of Christ.

The strict guidelines for the Nativity Fast require Orthodox Christians to eat a mostly vegetarian and vegan diet.

Special Menu for Orthodox Christmas
Guidelines for the Nativity Feast

To cater for St George College during their fast, Rory’s created a special menu for fasting. Items on the menu include:

  • vegan lasagne
  • vegan special fried rice
  • chickpea curry
  • avocado salad

Special catering, such as this fasting menu, is part of our canteen management service provided at no extra cost to schools.

2. Gawler & District College Sports Day

The Nativity Fast is just one example of how Rory’s School Lunches delivers customised catering for schools.

Schools hold special events like sports days and swimming carnivals throughout the year.   On 6 March 2016, Rory’s provided a special menu to help Gawler & District College celebrate their sports day. The menu included protein-rich favourites such as a grilled chicken salad to help young athletes perform. Rory’s also provided a sausage sizzle to add variety and fun for the sports carnival.

3. Catering for Diversity

However, a special menu does not require a special event. When Rory’s was appointed as the canteen manager for Thebarton special menusSenior College, Principal Eva Kannis-Torry emphasised the need to cater for diverse cultural backgrounds.

“The menu had to be tailored to suit the 75 different cultures represented at the college as well as the many dietary requirements and extended opening hours.  We appreciate that Rory and his team have been very easy to work with. They respond well to suggestions and have been extremely flexible,” said Eva.

Requests for Special Menus

These are just three examples how Rory’s School Lunches provides special menus for schools.   Contact us to discuss how we can cater for your school or next special event.


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