Gleeson College welcomes Rory’s School Lunches

Rory’s School Lunches is delighted to be appointed as the canteen manager for Gleeson College, effective Term 1, 2017.

Taste Test

Gleeson College’s Business Manager, Paul O’Connor, heard about Rory’s through his relationship with local schools.   As a taste test, he ordered catering from Rory’s School Lunches sister company, Rory’s Catering Co.  His staff were happy with the variety and quality of food, so Rory’s was invited to submit a proposal to manage the school’s canteen.

“We used Rory’s to cater for small, medium and large meetings and functions over a number of years. We were also aware (via word of mouth) of the excellent service provided on a number of our partner school sites,” said Paul.

Approachable, Personable, Responsive

Gleeson was looking for the new canteen manager to provide healthy, fun and affordable lunches for students and staff.  For Gleeson’s Leader of Community Engagement & Innovation, Amanda Price, relationships with students and staff at the school were a priority.

“We wanted a canteen manager who adds to our community and enjoys interaction with our students and staff. Rory and his team are approachable, personable, professional and responsive to our inquiries and requests. Rory was hands on in the set up and implementation phase.  He was cooking in the kitchen and assisting his staff in the first few weeks. His presence was valued,” said Amanda.

Professional Canteen Managers

Rory’s employed two new Canteen Operators, Carly and Leanne, to professionally manage the canteen at Gleeson.  Managing Director, Rory Hope, said the team were selected specifically to fit the Gleeson College environment.

“Both Carly and Leanne have fit in really well and become part of the school community.  They have excelled in customer service and community relations. I’m also impressed how quickly they have adapted to our systems. We left them to run the canteen solo with minimal input from early in our tenure.  At every canteen inspection, we can see it has been cared for,” said Rory.

Happy CustomersGleeson College Happy Customers

Term one was a success and the new canteen service has received great reviews from staff and students.

“Students and staff were excited at the range of tasty, quality hot and cold food and how easy it is to order via the Qkr app. Rory and his staff have been willing to trial different ways to improve traffic flow through the canteen,” said Amanda.

About Gleeson College

Gleeson College is a co-educational secondary Catholic College of around 600 students, located in Golden Grove. With a dynamic learning community, all students are encouraged and supported to attain personal excellence. The College prides itself on partnership, community and social justice. From 2019, Year 7 will become the first year of secondary schooling in Catholic schools. Gleeson College is excited and is Year 7-Ready to provide this option for families a year earlier in 2018.

Are you looking for an approachable, professional and responsive canteen manager?  Contact us today.


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