Mother’s Day Competition Winners

Thank you very much to everyone who entered our Mother’s Day Competition.

Diversity & Challenge

Our intention for the competition was to recognise the good work mothers and grandmothers do to raise children.  However, it became so much more.  We were moved by many of the entries we received. It has certainly given us greater insight into the diversity of families in the school community and the challenges they face.

“I have two children… one is on the Autism Spectrum. Life is hard trying to get both dressed in the morning and get lunches sorted out also. Ordering lunch would be a great for everyone.” Mum.

“She is the kindest mum in the world and she just went through chemotherapy for her breast cancer that she had! She is just starting back at work which has been extremely stressful for her life!” Student.

“My sister & I live with Nan. She’s looked after us since I was 18 months old & my sister was a new born baby. There’s only Nan & us. Nan works full time & we think she deserves a break.” Student.

“I would like for my Nana to have a day off as her and Pa have been looking after me since my Mummy and Daddy were killed in a car accident.  I love Nana so much.” Student.

It made us reflect on the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”.  Rory’s School Lunches is proud to be a member of that village, even if we only play a small part in providing nutritious meals to feed children to give a mum or grandmother a day off.

Students Express Their Gratitude

We were also impressed by the students who expressed their gratitude to their mums and grandmothers for their hard work and sacrifices.

“This mum deserves a day off because she’s been a wonderful friend, cook, woman all 365 days a year. And for Mothers Day she needs a break she truly deserves, to let Rory’s healthy lunch take over.”  Student.

“Everything she does is for her children and her day starts at 5:00 and doesn’t finish until 10pm every night. Cooks and cleans endlessly for a house of 6. Would love a day off for a sleep and relax.” Student.

“My mum does everything for me without complaint. She is always there when I need her. She makes me laugh when I am sad and she gives me the best hugs.” Student

“My mum gets up every day of the year and makes me, my brother and sister every meal we eat. Breakfast, lunches, dinners, home made snacks and even sweets. Sometimes she doesn’t even eat herself.” Student


Competition Winners

There were so many worthy competition entries and we would love to give a voucher to everyone who entered.

Congratulations to the following people who are the 2017 Rory’s School Lunches Mother’s Day Competition winners.  Each of these mums and grandmothers received a lunch voucher from Rory’s School Lunches.


School Name

Natalie StevensonKing’s Baptist Grammar School
Ama AbeywickramaMagill Primary School
Stina HammerMagill Primary School
Chui Ling LoMagill Primary School
Laxmi ShresthaMagill Primary School
Charisse YangMagill Primary School
Melissa DowPedare Christian College
Carrie-Anne GrahamPedare Christian College
Janice HowlandPedare Christian College
Kerry KendrickPedare Christian College
Nicole O’FarrellPedare Christian College
Jenny ThomasPedare Christian College
Kia EnnettPlayford Primary School
Caroline CrushSeaford Secondary College
Toni WordenSeaford Secondary College
Cindy KromwykSt Francis Xavier Primary School
Kylie ButteryThomas More College
Renae PorcelliCatherine McAuley School
Tania BaileyGleeson College
Linh ReuterHeathfield High School
Jodie AverayKeithcot Farm Primary School
Katie BramleyKeithcot Farm Primary School
Lisa ThomasKeithcot Farm Primary School
Jenny CameronKing’s Baptist Grammar School
Rochelle KitchinKing’s Baptist Grammar School
Connie BroomeMagill Primary School
Janine JoyMagill Primary School
Helen MaddenPedare Christian College
Christine NeedPedare Christian College
Grace PascalPedare Christian College
Georgia LeftyPulteney Grammar School
Amanda CockSeaford Secondary College
Marie JamesSeaford Secondary College
Donna WhiteheadSeaford Secondary College
Michelle SlatterSt David’s Parish School
Joy EtienneThomas More College
Teresa MartinCharles Campbell College
Alicia HardingGleeson College
Suzana VargaGleeson College
Joedy WillcocksHeathfield High School
Sara YaghoubianMagill Primary School
Kerryn CiracovitchPedare Christian College
Nicola FotheringhamPedare Christian College
Heather HillsPedare Christian College
Shannon Murdey-GreenPedare Christian College
Renee SweeneyPedare Christian College
Debra BrucePulteney Grammar School
Han ZhangPulteney Grammar School
Lee-Anne ZardoThomas More College
Amy CampbellCharles Campbell College

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