Rory’s Partners with Le Fevre

Rory’s School Lunches is delighted to partner with Le Fevre High School, effective Term 1, 2017.

The SASSAOA Connection

Rory met Le Fevre’s Business Manager, Leanne Hembrow, at the South Australian State School Administrative Officers Association (SASSAOA) conference in 2016. Establishing a relationship before a tender process paved the way for a productive business partnership.

“The success of the Le Fevre implementation is due to the relationship Leanne and I built over the outsourcing process. Through good communication, we got everything organised properly before moving into the canteen. This meant there were no real challenges at the start of term.

Leanne was super organised and helpful. We bought the equipment from the previous supplier, came in two days before the start of term, did a small clean and stocked in.  Leanne supervised during the first couple of weeks while the kids were learning the changes, so really you could not ask for much more,” said Rory.

A Fresh Approach

Le Fevre appointed Rory’s to refresh the menu and upgrade the canteen service.  The school was particularly interested in Rory’s systems and processes.

“We liked the way the business is supported by a central kitchen.  We have a small canteen and there are limited facilities to prepare food on-site.  I liked that Rory’s has good systems and training and development to support Canteen Operators.  Their OH&S requirements are well communicated and carefully adhered to.  The business is very well structured and that appealed to us.” said Leanne.

While Rory’s has only been operating the canteen for one-term, the initial feedback is positive.

“When the canteen re-opened at the start of term I spent a fortnight talking to students to get their feedback.  Kids don’t say much but they did say the food seemed fresher, more home-made,” said Leanne.

Profitable PartnershipLe Fevre High School

The surge in popularity of the canteen has generated more profits, which has benefited the school’s fundraising.

“Term one went well. The canteen is working well and it is more profitable,” said Leanne.

Next Steps

Rory’s School Lunches and Le Fevre High School will continue to work together to improve the canteen service and facilities.

The canteen needs an overhaul.  We need to upgrade facilities and signage.  We’ll keep working through these issue with Rory’s,” said Leanne.

About Le Fevre High School

Le Fevre High School is located in Semaphore and has approximately 500 students and a cohort of 15 percent Aboriginal students, which is one of the highest enrolments of Indigenous students in the Adelaide Metropolitan area.  The school provides specialist Aboriginal Education Programs to support indigenous students.

Le Fevre also hosts the Maritime High School Program on behalf of all South Australian public schools. The program is run in conjunction with the University of Tasmania and provides students with pathways to employment in the Australian maritime industry.

Does your canteen need an overhaul? Contact us today to discuss how Rory’s School Lunches can help.

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