High School Winter Hot Food Menu

Rory’s has launched a new high school winter hot food menu.

As the winds turn chilly, Rory’s School Lunches is warming students’ bellies with our new range of hot foods. All meals are prepared by our chefs with love. Because our food is delivered daily, we don’t need to use harmful preservatives to extend its shelf life. We cook the traditional way, taking advantage of fresh herbs and spices to boost the flavour of our food.

Head Chef, Ben Starkey, is passionate about cooking with produce in season.

“I’m interested in seasonal produce and I like to incorporate fresh seasonal foods in my cooking.  I grow my own veggies at home and I like spending time in the garden.  As a South Australian chef, I like to support local business by sourcing the best South Australian produce rather than imports where it is possible,” said Ben.

Winter Hot Food Menu

The menu includes plenty of protein-rich meals to fill up hungry teenagers to help them concentrate during lessons. Prices are affordable, starting at $3.50 for home made apple crumble ranging up to $6.50 for some of more substantial dishes.

There is a wide variety to suit a range of taste buds on the 2017 Winter Hot Food Menu including:

  • Honey chicken with fried rice
  • Creamy chicken, pesto and pumpkin penne
  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Spaghetti bolognaiseHigh School Winter Hot Food Menu
  • Honey soy chicken noodles
  • Lasagne
  • Soft and hard shell beef tacos
  • Sweet potato chips and aioli
  • Enchiladas with fresh salsa
  • Peri Peri chicken burger
  • Chipotle chicken wrap
  • Apple crumble

Hot food can be purchased directly from the canteen at lunch time.

For more information, contact us.

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