Mentoring for Success


An important first step when starting a business is to engage a business coach or mentor. This should be a solid soundboard, somebody to question and challenge your thinking, somebody who has walked the road before and can help you navigate the small business midfield where only a handful of startups make it past their first year of operation.

Rob Chisholm is a highly experienced Business Mentor and Coach drawing on 35 years of operating business, and 18 years of dedicated coaching. He is an experienced author and presenter of business workshops and revered in the management and consultancy industry. In recognition of his dedication in guiding SME’s, Rob was awarded an OAM (Order Of Australia Medal) for his ongoing contribution to small business.


Although I did not meet Rob until I was about six years in, from that moment on my business rapidly transformed, and my personal and professional development exponentially grew daily. As my eyes began to open wider to business, my teams grew and the Company blossomed.

Polaris Business Centre is where Rob resides, and they offer an array of services to small businesses like one-off workshops, coaching and mentoring, short courses, and extensive coaching programs. Running your own business can be a stressful and lonely task, but it does not have to be!




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