To Train Or Not To Train? Welcome Marie Smith

Businesses are only as good as the people that run them. Therefore recruiting, training, and ongoing development and mentoring are crucial processes.

By keeping your team on the move and engaged, your clients will be happy, and ultimately your business will become a market leader in compliance and innovation with quality products and services.

We understand the power of our people; therefore, we continually enable our team to grow through, creating pathways, training, and support.

The continual growth of our Company has led us to tactically recruit a highly skilled individual to lead as our Training, Development, and Auditing Officer. I am exceptionally proud to announce the arrival of Marie Smith.

I first met Marie back in my youthful management days working for the national franchise Hungry Jacks. Marie joined the Company in the capacity of a Trainee Manager. She progressed quickly to a Restaurant Manager, where she played a substantial role in the base training of some of Rory’s key staff, including myself.

Through Marie’s dedication and skills, she moved up into a higher District Manager role and then specialised further into a Restaurant Training Manager, where she was responsible for the development and training of restaurant managers across the state.

Marie held this role for many years until finally stepping across once again to a Compliance Officer role, where she was responsible for conducting in-depth compliance audits, action plans, and training guidelines across South Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania.

In all areas, Rory’s Group aims to be leaders in its class, and our first priorities with Marie is to roll out our Warrior Training Academy, Team Leader Program and C.P.R (Canteen Progress Reporting) across South Australia.

We will be implementing an online H.R. portal to track staff and outlets from recruitment to promotion with online training, as well as risk management and compliance training. Our portal will enable us to measure the proficiency of teams and outlets in real-time, as well as give us the ability to instantly push out vital training plans that require completion before starting a shift in the case of a food safety or risk situation.


Marie has joined us at a pinnacle point and will play an essential role in our push to drive the company to a national model. Are we excited? Just a tad! 😊

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