To Train Or Not To Train? Welcome Marie Smith

Businesses are only as good as the people that run them. Therefore recruiting, training, and ongoing development and mentoring are crucial processes. By keeping your team on the move and engaged, your clients will be happy, and ultimately your business will become a market leader in compliance and innovation with quality products and services. We […]

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History of School Lunches

History of School Lunches

Australia has a relatively informal history of school lunches.  Research reveals little more than this video of little Shelley’s first day of school in 1972.  Her Mum packed her lunch, gave her ‘play money’ (probably for an icecream or lollies) and instructed her “don’t eat your apple until playtime.” However, Britain and the USA have had more […]

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5 Easy Food Experiments #NationalScienceWeek2016


It’s #NationalScienceWeek2016! We’re passionate about food and education so we’ve researched five easy science experiments kids can do with food. These experiments all use ingredients and materials found around the home. They are safe for kids (small children might need help with some materials like boiling water) and the environment. You don’t need to buy stuff and you can conduct these experiments in the classroom or the home kitchen. We hope your students and children have fun with science and enjoy learning about the world around them.

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What Does $5 Buy In 2016?

These days, not much! We picked $5 because it is the approximate price of many of the items of the Rory’s School Lunch menu. We thought we’d see what other food we could buy for $5.

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