Information for parents

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Rory’s School Lunches follows the healthy eating guidelines recommended by the State Government of South Australia.

  • Green Foods – food that can be eaten every day.  Green foods are lower in saturated fat and sodium and include salads, hot meals with lean cuts of meat and low-fat cheeses and dressings.Rory's School Lunches snack cups
  • Amber Foods – Amber foods are more processed than green foods.  They may contain higher levels of saturated fat, sugar and sodium than green foods.  Students are encouraged to choose carefully from this section. Amber products should not dominate student’s choices.
  • Red Foods – Red foods are highly processed, energy dense and poor in nutrients.  Remember, red foods should only be eaten occasionally so limit your intake.

About Rory’s Food

  • All of our meals are made with love by our in-house chefs.Rory's School Lunches healthy fun affordable
  • Because our food is delivered daily to your school canteen we do not need to use harmful preservatives to extend its shelf life.
  • We cook the traditional way, taking advantage of fresh herbs and spices, so there is no need for additives to boost the flavour of our food.
  • We use only breast chicken and 95% fat-free beef mince.
  • Our Napolitana sauce is packed full of veggies, it’s just you wouldn’t know it.
  • Our baguettes, wraps and sandwiches are made fresh when you order them.
  • We sell the Balfour’s Better Bite Range, which are reduced in sodium and fat.


  • Rory’s provides an extensive pre-order menu.
  • At most schools, all items are available to pre-order every day of the week.
  • Our menu is colour coded to meet South Australia’s Right Bite strategy to help student make healthy lunch choices.

Information for Primary School Students

  • Lunch orders need to be placed through the lunch tubs in the students classes by 9:15am.
  • Orders are to be placed on lunch order bags that can be purchased from the canteen or independently.
  • Lunch order tubs are delivered to the canteen via the students then the orders are made and filled ready for pick up prior to lunch.
  • Drinks and snack items are available for sale across the counter at lunch time.

Information for High School Students

Pre-Ordering System

  • Students can place an order with the canteen before school starts until 9:15am on the day of their order.
  • Lunch order bags can be filled out at the canteen.
  • Orders will be made and filled ready for students to pick up at lunch time.

Items for Sale at Recess and Lunch Time

The canteen will sell a rotating range of items across the counter which will include:

  • Pastas
  • Stir friesRory's healthy burger range
  • Noodle dishes
  • Curries
  • Rice Dishes
  • Oven bakes
  • Wraps & Yiros
  • Toasted subs
  • Burgers and hot dogs
  • Breakfast wraps and muffins
  • Freshly made baguettes, wraps and sandwiches
  • Specialty salads
  • Drinks, ice confectionary and snack items

Late Lunch Orders

  • Our cut-off for placing orders is 9:15am. Any staff or students who have a forgotten to place a lunch order by that time will need to go directly to the canteen.
  • The canteen operator will advise if the menu choice is available at the time of placing the order.
  • If the menu choice is not available, a substitute product will be offered as a second option.

Forgot To Order Lunch?

  • If a student or staff member forgets to place a lunch order they can come directly to the canteen.
  • As an emergency backup Rory’s canteen staff will always be able to offer a basic lunch.

Students with No Lunch

  • If a student comes to school with no lunch, teachers can send them to the canteen.
  • Students will be charged as per the menu price.
  • An invoice will be given to the student for their parents or care givers to pay within 5 days.

Not Enough Money?

If students do not have enough money in their lunch order bag for the items they have ordered Rory’s canteen staff will follow the this process.

  • Remove second choices item such as drinks or deserts.
  • If there is no second item ordered we will try to contact the student’s class directly to advise of the issue, and ask if what menu item the student would like to substitute with.
  • If contact cannot be made, Rory’s will provide the students original lunch choice.
  • An invoice will be sent with the student to pay the shortfall within 5 days.