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Online Canteen Orders

Rory’s School Lunches provides an online canteen ordering system for the convenience of schools, parents and students.


Once your school is registered for online ordering:

  • orders can be placed in advance, any time, until 9:15am on the day the lunch is required.
  • students don’t need to bring cash to school to pay for their lunch order.
  • parents can also discuss food choices with their children, which is particularly helpful for younger students.

What do online lunch orders cost?

There is no additional cost to schools or parents to order your lunch online.

How does the online canteen work?online canteen

Rory’s School Lunches has partnered with QKR! (pronounced ‘quicker’).

Registering for the online canteen is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

Step 1: Download Qkr!

Apps are available for both Android and iPhone.  iPad users can download the iPhone app.

Step 2: Register

Select your Country of Origin as ‘Australia’ and follow the steps to register.

Step 3: Find Your School

Your school will appear in ‘nearby locations’ if you are within 10kms of the school.  Otherwise, search for your school by name.

Step 4: Register Your Children

When you first access your school you will be prompted to add a student profile for your child.   This allows you to make orders and payments for them.

Once you have set up your QKR! account, you can:

Order Rory’s School Lunches

online canteen


Make payments using up to five different credit cards

online canteen

 FAQs About Qkr!

Which card types can I use with Qkr?

  • Qkr! will accept payment using any credit or debit card accepted by the school.
  • You can add up to five different cards to your Qkr! account.
  • At checkout, you can easily select from any of your registered cards by simply tapping the ‘>’ symbol under the heading ‘Payment’ near the top of the checkout screen.
  • Qkr! is provided by MasterCard so you know your payments are secure. No information will be stored on your phone.
  • Registration details and card information are saved securely on the MasterCard network.

How do I add or delete cards?

To add, delete or edit your payment cards go to ‘Settings’:

  1. Open Qkr!
  2. Tap on the three horizontal lines icon at the top left of the screen
  3. Tap on the word ‘Settings’. This will open the settings page and present you with a number of options to personalise the way Qkr! works for you.
  4. Tap ‘Manage Payment Cards’.
  5. To delete a card, press the red ‘minus’ symbol on Apple devices or Tap and hold card you wish to delete on Android devices.
  6. To edit details of an existing card, tap quickly to enter ‘Edit Card’ screen.
  7. To add a new card, tap ‘Add’ button (Apple devices) or the icon of a card with a ‘+’ symbol (Android devices) on the top right of your screen to enter the ‘Add Card’ screen.

To add another card from the checkout screen:

  1. Tap on your registered card.
  2. Tap ‘Add Card’ option.
  3. Provide card details.
  4. Tap the ‘Done’ button (Apple devices) or ‘tick’ icon (Android devices) on the top right of your screen to save change.

Why add my child’s photo in to the app?

For ease of navigation, Qkr! gives you the option to add your child’s photo to the app. Rest assured that this feature is optional, and designed to save you time when placing Qkr! orders.

If you choose to add your child’s photo, it will display at the top of the screen when you are browsing school products on Qkr!, and on the calendar when you are making food orders. This feature is particularly useful if you wish to place food orders for multiple children at the same school as you can simply tap the photo of the child for whom you wish to order and add items to cart. To move between children, tap on the next child’s photo and repeat the process. This saves you time and hassle by allowing you to place food orders for all your children with one single transaction. There is no need to use the back button or place separate orders for each child.

What is the canteen’s cut-off time and how is it determined?

Your school canteen has a nominated cut off time for all Qkr! food orders to provide the kitchen staff sufficient time to prepare the food orders.  The school does not allow Qkr! orders to be placed after the cut off time.

How can I be sure my child will get his or her food order?

Qkr! is the safe, secure and reliable way to pay for school food orders. Your eReceipt doubles as confirmation of your order and provides peace of mind that the order has been received and is being processed by the canteen.

Every day canteen staff print a tally sheet listing all Qkr! orders for that day. They also print unique identification stickers for each Qkr! order containing the child’s name, class and food order details. As student lunches are prepared, they are checked off the tally sheet and placed in individual bags labelled with stickers for ease of identification.