Have you tried Rory’s School Lunches and enjoyed our food or service?  Tell us what you think and make a review.

  • Karen - Salisbury High School

    Karen is beautiful woman with a heart of gold! I’ve never met a nicer woman than Karen!
    Now the food is divine it has never disappointed me and many of my peers at Salisbury High School……It’s delicious 🙂

    Nathan Gooder, Salisbury High School
  • Happy Students

    The food is delicious, the people are lovely and I have had at least a dozen students comment positively about them.

    Teacher, Thebarton Secondary College
  • Good food

    “I had food from the canteen on Monday and it was delicious pumpkin soup, lots of flavour and I will buy again. Even the sandwich was delicious. Good work, I will support them more.”

    Cathy, Thebarton Secondary College
  • Chicken Caesar Salad

    I have had this salad several times and it is delicious!!

    Karen Low, Gawler & Districts College B-12
  • Chicken Caesar Salad Review

    I had the chicken caesar salad for lunch today and it was yummy! The chicken strips were tasty and not dry. A good amount of bacon, egg cut in half and the lettuce and tomato were fresh – I could tell it was freshly made. I enjoyed it and would have it again!

    Briony Franklin, Pulteney Grammar School
  • Chicken Tandoori Wrap Review

    Staff were polite and happy to explain the products available. The Tuckshop was clean, all of the food clearly set out, within easy reach and mostly labelled. The wrap I ordered was fresh with just enough mayo, the chicken had just enough spice and lettuce was crisp. The food was nicely presented with a serviette provided within the bag.

    Sharon Pearce, Pulteney Grammar School