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About Rory’s School Lunches

Rory’s School Lunches believes all students deserve healthy and nutritious food to support their growth and learning. That’s why we employ a team of qualified chefs to prepare fresh, delicious and healthy meals.

Made with Fresh IngredientsRory's School Lunches healthy fun affordable

Because our food is delivered daily, we don’t need to use harmful preservatives to extend its shelf life. We cook the traditional way, taking advantage of fresh herbs and spices to boost the flavour of our food.

Cater for Fussy Eaters

Some students can be fussy about eating healthy foods so we incorporate them into our dishes. For example, our Napolitana sauce is packed full of veggies blended into a delicious sauce so students don’t notice them.


Our menus are updated to keep them exciting for students and to encourage them to try a range of food. There are some popular items students love so we always keep them on the menu.

Ordering lunch can be fun and a learning experience for students, so as well as our healthy meals we offer a few treats for special occasions.


Parents, enjoy a day off preparing the school lunches guilt-free because Rory’s School Lunches are fresh, healthy and affordable.

Ready, Set, Go!

Rory’s School Lunches menu complies with the South Australian government’s Right Bite Easy Guide to Food and Drink. It’s a traffic light system:

Green – Green foods can be eaten every day. They include foods:

  • with lean cuts of meat
  • offer low fat cheeses or dressings
  • are lower in saturated fat and sodium

Students are encouraged to eat green foods every day.

Amber – Amber foods are more processed than green foods (they may contain higher levels of fat, sugar and sodium). Parents and students are encouraged to choose carefully from this selection. Amber products should not dominate your choices.

Red – Red foods are highly processed, energy dense and nutrient poor. Remember, red foods should only be eaten occasionally, so we recommend you limit your intake and don’t eat them every day.

Food for Students With AllergiesRory's cold rolls

Students with allergies or special food requirements are catered for. We have a variety of vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free items on our menu.

Please note that all food is prepared either in our commercial kitchen or in the school canteens.  Our kitchens are cleaned to the highest professional standards but there is a risk trace amounts of allergens may be present.  If your child has a severe allergic reaction we advise you to take caution.

If you have students with allergies and would like more options added to your menu, contact Rory’s School Lunches today.

How our food is preparedRory's School Lunches greek salad

Our professionally qualified chefs prepare each nutritious meal selecting the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

Food is made in our centralised kitchen and distributed daily, which means we don’t need to use preservatives to give it a long shelf life. By cooking in a centralised kitchen we reduce your canteen’s energy costs and leave a lighter environmental footprint.

Our staff are trained in food hygiene and safety standards.

Menu & Price List

Rory’s will provide your school with a menu and fixed price list. The menus are reviewed each year and we are happy to receive suggestions from the school, parents and students on what items they would like to see on the menu.

We know you will find our price list very affordable and in many cases, it won’t cost parents any more money to order a nutritious lunch than to make it at home. Any changes to the price list will be negotiated with your school in advance so you have time to notify parents and students.