St Francis Xavier School 2019 Canteen Menu

Current until Term 4 2019

St Francis Xavier School Students

  • Please submit your lunch order to the class tub by 9.15am.
  • Or, you can order lunch online using the Qkr! app before 9:15am.
  • Snacks, drinks and ice blocks are available at the canteen at lunchtime.
  • Lunch order bags are 10 for $0.20 and can be ordered with your lunch.

EFTPOS facilities are available in the canteen.
For Qkr! enquiries please email [email protected] or call 0411 030 088

High School Winter Hot Food Menu

Important Facts About Rory's School Lunches

Green Foods – Green Foods are foods that can be eaten every day. Green foods will include foods that have lean cuts of meat, low fat cheeses or dressings, and are lower in saturated fat and sodium!

Amber Foods – Amber foods are processed more than green foods. They may contain higher levels of fat, sugar and sodium than green foods. Students are encouraged to choose carefully from this selection. Amber products should not dominate your choices!

Red Foods – Red Foods are highly processed, energy dense and nutrient poor. Remember! Red foods are an occasional food, so therefore you should limit your intake!